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#1 You have to be a Spreesgalore Registered Organiser to post. Registrations are currently closed. Posts are not moderated.

#2 Supplier Sprees are banned. Due to cases such as omgnik in which the suppliers have ran away with up to SGD15,000 worth of spree-ers money, and after 60 police reports (by which the police did almost nothing) we have decided to permanently ban supplier sprees to prevent future cases such as these from occurring.

#3 Guidelines for organizing sprees


- DO have only one spree per entry. Multiple batches are allowed for ALL sites.
- DO include your Spreesgalore Feedback Link with updated Feedback Count hyperlinked to your Feedback URL, e.g. Spreesgalore FB Link: +20/-0
- DO include Title and status of spree [OPEN/CLOSED/CANCELED].
- DO begin your first spree here in Spreegalore with #01 and not according to the numbered of sprees you held in your own Lj/Blog. (eg. Drugstore Spree #01 if it's your first drugstore spree here in Spreegalore)
- DO have only one image is allowed outside the LJ cut in your spree post, maximum size 300X300.
- DO LJ cut all details in your spree post.
- DO keep to a maximum of 15 lines outside your LJ cut including pictures, feedback link, etc.
- DO NOT link out to your own lj page for the on-going spree.
- DO NOT screen of any comments. (Unless there are personal details in it)
- DO NOT change your LJ nicks once you have registered to be a Spree Organizer.
- DO NOT include personal Feedback links or Feedback from other communities.
- DO NOT do more than 3 entry posts. You are only allow to open max. of 3 sprees.
- DO NOT "lock" your LJ entry posts. Do not disable comments. (except reposts)


- DO NOT repost when your spree post is still on the first page.
- DO NOT delete and do REPOST again. Edit if any mistakes. You will be banned immediately without warning.
- DO include only your Spreesgalore Feedback count, Feedback URL and a hyperlink to the original spree post.
- DO disable commenting for reposts to avoid confusion.
- Example of good repost: Click Here!


- DO declare in Spree Posts when discounts are used to offset shipping.
- DO make all outstanding refunds in the time span of one month.
- DO ensure participants make their topups in one month. If no topups are received by the Spree Organiser after one month [from date of request for topups] items can be confiscated by the Spree Organiser.
- DO NOT confiscate cash.
- DO NOT overcharge handling fee, set at a maximum of S$0.75 per participant. This includes stationery e.g. tape & bubble wrap. You are allowed extra to charge for special requests for Singpost PostPacs or Security Envelopes. Handling charges are allowed for meetups due to the costs incurred for calls or SMS when meeting up.

#4 Suspensions and Bans

- Any Spree Organiser who intentionally disobeys any of above rules will be suspended indefinitely.
- Any Spree Organiser or Spree-er who is rude to the Spree Organisers or the Moderators will also face being banned from the community.
- If you leave Feedback that contravenes our Feedback Regulations, you are liable to be banned from both spreesgalore  and fbspreesgalore.

#5 Feedback Regulations

POSITIVE - For fast and efficient Spree Organisers! Hip hip hurray!
- Regular updates
- Item Distribution done promptly
- Spree Organiser replies emails promptly

NEGATIVE - For Spree Organisers who deserve a ban, like immediately. :(
- No updates
- Item Distribution & Refunds not done
- Spree Organiser does not reply emails at all
- Lost Registered Mail/No Registered Article Number
- Extremely High Shipping Fees (More than SGD7 per unit) Without Printscreen
- Not Declaring Discounts

NEUTRAL - For Spree Organisers with room for improvement.
- Less than Two Email Updates in Total
- Item Distribtion and Refunds take more than Two weeks
- Lost Normal Mail (Spree-er must have proof that the Spree Organizer did not mail out your Items)

#6 Spree-ers, this section is for you to READ:

- If this is your first time Spree-ing and you don't know what it is about, please read this very good guide to Spree-ing by Vivawoman.net which will explain to you clearly what Online Shopping and Sprees are all about.
- Spreesgalore is now members-only. Spree-ers will need to join the community by clicking Here to post your orders.
- Please do not email/spam the mods at their personal emails.

- Spree Organisers do not have to refund differences in exchange rates.
- If an entire shipment goes missing, everyone is to bear the loss and the Spree Organiser is not obliged to refund anyone. This is a risk that is shared when we spree togther. Nontheless, the mods will investigate and Spree Organisers with suspiscious cases of "missing shipments" will also be duly banned.
- Do note that Spree Organizers are not liable for items damaged in transit. Blame your postman for that.
- Also note that some sprees such as PGMall or BigiBAG are notoriously slow. If you join, be prepared to wait for at least 2 to 3 months.
- Spree Organisers are not liable for mistakes such as the merchant shipping out the wrong size or colour of item. Spree-ers can either ask the Spree Organisers to dispose their items or accept the faulty items. No refunds are to be claimed as it is the merchant's fault, not the Spree Organiser. If the item is disposed, the Spree Organiser should abosrb the shipping costs of the item out of goodwill. If the item is accepted, the Spree Organiser can go ahead and collect the shipping costs for the item.

#7 Mods in Charge

Spreesgalore Registration: yura_pockylover smokypig
Approving Sprees: yura_pockylover junellekoh, blackjackdiva, smokypig
Email Enquiries: yura_pockylover, smokypig, vuqe

All enquiries, suggestions, complaints etc. should be sent to spreesgalore@gmail.com

#8 Corporate Social Responsibilty

We support IM UNICEF:

& Village 2 Village:

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